First ever integrative health clinic opens in Mississippi

A team of medical professionals are using a more holistic approach to improve your quality of life

Center for Integrative Health

RIDGELAND, MS (WLBT) - Dealing with chronic illnesses can bring out emotional and behavioral challenges, but those issues might be helped by a change of lifestyle.

A team of medical professionals are using a more holistic approach to improve your quality of life at the new UMMC Center for Integrative Health.

“This type of approach is so important for Mississippians in trying to change some of their behaviors. Change their lifestyle, educate them about nutrition, educate them about the importance of sleep, and how those things interact with their illness or with their mental health,” said Dr. Danny Burgess, director for Center of Integrative Health.

It is located inside the Holmes Community College Wellness and Fitness Center.

This model of medicine is the first of its kind in the Magnolia state, where a team of different medical professionals work together under one roof to focus on a patient’s quality of life.

“A lot of these conditions that we’re trying to treat don’t respond that well to these kind of acute interventions. So we’re looking to work with individuals on seeing and showing them how their nutrition affects their chronic pain. How their sleep affects their depression, or affects even diabetes, hypertension,” said Burgess.

Rachel Dear, a physical therapist said her treatment goes beyond a simple regimen.

“The first things I ask patients is what are your goals? What does your day look like? How can I help you get back to doing those things that are meaningful for you?” said Dear.

Richard Norton, a liver transplant recipient, said just years ago, he couldn’t enjoy playing with his grandchildren due to chronic pain. The clinic helped him regain the strength to have this aspect of his life again.

“That’s what they’re teaching and showing people at this clinic. It’s that you can do whatever you want to do, we’ll give you the ingredients you just mix it up and put it in the pot of tea, I guess you could say,” said Norton.

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