‘The ride from hell’: Memphis woman survives stabbing attack by driver

‘The ride from hell’: Memphis woman survives stabbing attack by driver
GF Default - ?The ride from hell?: Memphis woman survives stabbing attack by driver

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A Memphis woman is recovering after she was stabbed over the weekend.

“Something so small turned into the ride from hell,” victim Rolisha McDowell said.

McDowell is talking about a ride with her father’s girlfriend and another man in the area of Pennsylvania Street near Kansas. McDowell said they were returning from a fish fry when Angelica Martin, who was driving, turned around and slapped her in the back seat.

“She jumped to the backseat and I’m trying to get her up off of me. That’s when she was clawing my face,” McDowell said.

The man in the car started driving and the fight in the back seat escalated to McDowell getting cut with a knife on her arm, hand and head.

“I told the man she’s sticking me, she’s sticking me and he was like ‘why are you doing her like that,’”she said.

McDowell said Martin dropped the knife and couldn’t reach it and then made up a story.

“She looked at both of us and said no y’all stabbed me. Y’all jumped me.”

She also said the police told her Martin was actually at one point stabbing herself.

“The police told me when they got to her, she was trying to stab to cut her arm up to make a story that I cut her. Something is wrong with her.”

McDowell feared Martin was going to kill her.

“She wouldn’t stop,” she said. “I just want justice. i don’t feel like she should be out on the street.”

Martin was arrested on Sunday for aggravated assault, but was able to pay her $15,000 bond.

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