Gubernatorial candidates make fundraising push ahead of deadline

Gubernatorial candidates make fundraising push ahead of deadline

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Every year in Mississippi is an election year. This year is statewide elections. And the reason we’re talking about it is because Tuesday was a fundraising deadline. We asked Mississippi College Political Science professor Dr. Glenn Antizzo what that means for you, the voters.

“It’s really early in the game," said Antizzo. "As I said before, I think it’s just going to shake out who the serious choices are going to be in the primary.”

On the Republican side, Tate Reeves had $5.2 million in one account and $1.5 million in another at the time of the the last filing, and he has spent big money on his first TV ad and another online ad recently. Bill Waller Jr. held a fundraiser in Jackson Monday night. And Robert Foster is continuing to travel the state and meet voters.

“As far as the Republican side, it is going to be something that will shift momentum possibly in the race," Antizzo explained. “I think Republicans will eventually come home to whoever wins the primary, but I think that this deadline may give people more of an idea of who realistically is going to have the best chance.”

Remember, there are some unknowns with how that will shake out because it will be the first filing deadline since Waller entered the race. We don’t yet know who’s backing him financially and to what degree.

On the Democratic side, there are nine people running, but Jim Hood’s campaign is putting out fundraising letters from former governors William Winter and Ray Maybus. They even made a last minute social media plea for donations. He had just over one million at the last filing.

“Hood, I think is going to be anticipating the general election and he’s going to be looking to raise money for that," said Antizzo. "As I said before, the primary for him is pretty much a done deal already.”

Despite what one ad may suggest, Tate Reeves will not go head-to-head with Jim Hood in August. We’re talking about primaries. That means, you’ll select if you want to vote on a Republican or Democratic ballot.

The next campaign finance reports will be filed by May 10.

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