Out-of-state company charged with alleged No-Call law violations


JACKSON, MS (WLBT) -If you’re fed up with robocalls and telemarketers, you’re not alone.

“It’s scary to think that somebody has my phone number and they’re calling me asking me questions and things and trying to figure out information from me and I have no idea who they are and what their intent is,” said Nefertari Thompson.

“My phone rings all day and all night," added Valerie Palmer. "I know it’s a certain area I block and it’s like it will ring the same time or the same day. It is very annoying.”

The Public Service Commission is cracking down on the calls. The latest development is that a Cheyenne, Wyoming company is getting slapped with 580 potential violations of the No-Call law. If they’re found to be in violation, they will have to pay $2.9 million dollars. While that sounds like a lot, Northern District Commissioner Brandon Presley makes this note.

“To be candid with you about it, many Mississippians do not report these calls to us and therefore, we don’t know the call happens,” said Presley.

That’s why they ask that you download the PSC No-Call app and report those calls. But fines are as far as they can go right now. Starting in July, state law will change and give more authority to go after certain callers.

“Make it a criminal penalty if you alter the caller ID," Presley explained. "So, if you fake up your caller ID so that you’ll trip somebody into answering, that becomes a criminal penalty punishable by jail time in the county jail.”

Commissioner Presley says they’ll also seek criminal indictments in the cases that someone calls and scams a Mississippian out of money.

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