2nd annual South Jackson Parade expecting large turnout

2nd annual South Jackson Parade expecting large turnout

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - The Association of South Jackson Neighborhoods along with Jackson leaders and clergy are presenting the 2nd annual South Jackson Parade.

The event features performances by ALL of JPS High School bands and JSU’s Sonic Boom Pep Band.

The event begins at 9AM, Saturday April 27th at the Save-A-Lot grocery store on McDowell Road. It ends at Cardozo Middle School. Parents are encouraged to bring their children to participate.

The parade is a fun way for South Jackson residents to come together and build a stronger and safer community.

Organizers for the South Jackson Parade expect participation to be near 10,000 people.

Parade goers MAY park between Raymond Road and Highway 18 in grocery store parking lots and at Cardozo Middle School.

Parade goers MAY park along the parade route and set up lawn chairs in front of their vehicles.

Parade participants and goers should be vigilant and prepare for things to avoid:

  • Avoid setting up lawn chairs in the street or blocking business entrances and exits.
  • Avoid entering the street during the parade procession.
  • Avoid eating candy that has already touched the ground.
  • Avoid leaving children and personal belongings unattended.
  • Avoid parking on neighborhood streets and in residential apartment complexes.
  • Avoid dehydration: Drink plenty of cool water (on average one liter every hour) in hot weather conditions. Drink every 15 to 20 minutes whether you feel thirsty or not to replace the fluid loss. Avoid consuming caffeine and alcohol, which can dehydrate you.

Parade participants should arrive by 8:00am and line up according to their place in the parade line.

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