Guts and Butts 5K run for Colon Cancer returning Saturday

Guts and Butts

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - A fun event with a bigger purpose is happening this weekend.

This isn’t just any regular 5K, it’s the Guts and Butts 5K. The purpose is to highlight the importance of colon cancer screenings.

The Guts and Butts 5K is a one of a kind race. These runners are participating for a good cause all while having a little fun.

“Cancer can be such a scary, bad word but it unites so many people. We were trying to find a way to celebrate this and get it across the public. Everything can be so serious. That doesn’t inspire people. It doesn’t open doors to talk about. It’s just a unique way for to get people to talk about colon health without being too serious!”

Jeremy Jungling is the Director of the Guts and Butts 5K and started the race because he is also a Colon Cancer survivor.

“It’s a pretty shocking moment when you find out. The first thing I did was say ‘Okay what do I need to get through this?’ I started to realize there is a powerful community out there of people who wanna support and help you!”

Jungling says the race honors all cancer survivors, while also remembering also those that have since passed.

“We celebrate all cancer survivors! At the race there is a finish line that has a separate finish line and we hand them out a race when they cross the finish line.”

Colon cancer is the second most common cancer killer in the U.S.

Dr. Jane Williams is a Gastroenterologist, she says “With screening people have a greater chance of catching small lesions early that we can get out with a simple colonoscopy that will prevent colon cancer.”

Dr. Williams says early prevention is so important, because it just might save your life.

“Fortunately it is very treatable if we catch it early!”

The Gutts and Butts 5K will kick off Saturday afternoon from 4 p.m.-6:30 p.m. at the Brandon Amphitheater.

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