United Way kicks off their ‘Day of Caring’

United Way kicks off their ‘Day of Caring’
Today volunteers roll up their sleeves to serve the people of their community!

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - United Way of West Central Mississippi takes on a Day of Caring!

It's a single-day service event that brings people together from all across the Magnolia State.

Thursday, volunteers gathered in Vicksburg to take on more than 20 hands-on projects!

Volunteers rolled up their sleeves to serve the people of their community!

Everything from gardening and landscaping to painting and organizing, these volunteers are eager to help!

Wilson Carroll has been volunteering for as long as he can remember. Carroll says it's in his blood to give.

“My parents were volunteers. They taught me the joy of giving back to the community. I try to do that everywhere I live! You always get so much more than you give when you help people who need it!”

Michele Conolley is the Executive Director of United Way of West Central Mississippi. Conolley says nothing is more important than giving back to the place she calls home.

“It’s a day where people are going out and truly making a difference using their hands to do so! This is our community. if we don’t take the step to move forward nobody will do it for us!”

United Way also teamed up with local businesses to help non-profit organizations!

Ameristar Casino and Hotel Vice President Jerad Hardy says they have been volunteering since the very beginning.

“Ameristar has over 100 people participating today! When this community is in need, we all come together. There is a sense of community here. There is a sense of taking care of one another and that’s what today is all about!”

Tommy Miller is the Good Shephard Community Center Executive Director. Miller says the volunteers make a big difference in their lives.

“It would be almost impossible without the volunteers that are not only here today but throughout the year. they expect nothing else but maybe a smile and a thank you!”

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