Not all state teachers will receive pay raises

Teacher Pay Raises

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Mississippi teachers aren’t too happy about the amount a raise just approved for them, $1,500.

Now, we’re learning some of them won’t even get that.

On April 16th, Governor Phil Bryant signed a Bill putting into effect an increase to educators salary.

School superintendents from around the state called the Mississippi Department of Education saying that not all teachers are included in this pay raise.

Representative Jay Hughes of Mississippi has been very vocal on this issue.

“We’re talking about thousands of teachers. So because they did everything at the last minute, in secret, what ended up happening is it left out several thousand teachers of a pay raise,” said Hughes.

The Department of Education confirmed in a press release the pay raise only referenced Mississippi Adequate Education Program-funded teachers and assistants.

The Mississippi Department of Education has received numerous calls from superintendents reporting that some teaching positions were not included in their allocation for the teacher and teacher assistant pay raise. The MDE calculated the number of positions based on the code in the Mississippi Student Information System (MSIS) that referenced MAEP-only funded teachers and teacher assistants. Upon further review, it was determined there were additional teachers who were eligible for the raise who were not coded in MSIS as MAEP-funded positions.The MDE appreciates districts bringing this issue to our attention and we will work swiftly with each district to verify the number of MAEP-funded teachers and teacher assistants. We will provide this information to lawmakers and work with them to obtain the additional funding for the pay raise. The MDE is committed to ensuring that all teachers and teacher assistants receive their pay raises in the 2019-20 school year.
Mississippi Department of Education

MDE says they calculated the number of positions based on the code in the Mississippi Student Information System. Not all teachers are in coded in that system though.

“It did not include all the vocational, or technical or CTE, it didn’t include special needs, or special education teachers, and it didn’t include gifted teachers," said Hughes.

Representative Hughes says this legislative error will effect specific districts in Mississippi. He says that many politicians say the schools or MDE need to find the money on their own.

“So they funded the wrong amount, they gave the wrong amount, and now the schools who are underfunded have to figure out where to come up with money when none exist. That’s like finding someone who’s dying of dehydration in the desert and say you just need to drink more water and you’ll be okay," said Hughes.

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