Community holds vigil for 14-year-old Rodrick Johnson

The teen died from a gunshot wound on Easter Sunday

Community holds vigil for 14-year-old Rodrick Johnson

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Dozens gathered to pray and pay their respects to Rodrick Johnson, the 14 year-old shot and killed Sunday, just around the corner from his home.

“He was a good kid. It didn’t have to happen like this,” said Tiara Barnes, Johnson’s cousin.

Tonight, dozens of people said goodbye to their friend, brother, and little cousin.

At the vigil, Harris described the night his best friend since first grade was shot and killed near Eminence Row in Jackson.

“I don’t know. The only thing I heard is that he got shot, I didn’t know who. I was just worried about my brother,” said Harris.

The group walked with balloons and pictures of Johnson to the spot where it all happened. Johnson’s cousin, Tiara Barnes, joined the others in prayer.

“If we don’t continue to pray over our children, things like this is gonna continue to happen. Prayer is the utmost thing that we can do,” said Barnes.

Days after the murder, Johnson's loved ones are still trying to understand what went wrong.

“I just wanna ask him why he did it and what was the reason cause he was a kid,” said Harris.

He’s referring to Stacy Liddell - the man charged with Johnson’s murder.

“There were other alternatives that I feel that the person who done this could have taken. Went to his parents, went to anybody. He didn’t have to do him like that,” said Barnes.

As they remember the boy Johnson was, they also vowed to honor his memory.

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