Old Capitol Museum to close temporarily for repairs

Old Capitol Museum to close temporarily for repairs
Old Capitol Museum to close for repairs; Source: Facebook

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - The Old Capitol Museum closed April 15th to repair long-standing problems with the building’s roof and dome.

The National Historic Landmark property is expected to reopen in late May.

Repair work will last nearly eight months and the projects requires obstructing the building’s upper-level parking lot, which will limit public access.

“The Old Capitol Museum will reopen when we can ensure a quality experience to each visitor,” said MDAH director Katie Blount. “We look forward to welcoming the public back to the state’s most historic building.”

The Old Capitol is home to a museum exploring the history of the site when it was the seat of Mississippi government from 1839 to 1903.

The 180-year-old building is one of the country’s premier examples of Greek Revival public architecture. The massive limestone exterior, copper dome, and grand interior spaces made the Old Capitol the most distinguished building in Mississippi.

The building was the site of some of the state’s most significant legislative actions, such as the passage of the 1839 Married Women’s Property Act, Mississippi’s secession from the Union in 1861, and the crafting of the 1868 and 1890 state constitutions.

For more information call 601-576-6920 or email info@oldcapitolmuseum.com.

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