Flooding concerns linger in lower Mississippi Delta

Flooding concerns linger in lower Mississippi Delta

MISSISSIPPI DELTA, MS (WLBT) - Concerns over flooding in the South Mississippi Delta continue.

For months now, residents have been dealing with a historic amount of backwater, which has flooded 500,000 acres, taking under homes and roads.

This week, the flood broke a record as the water in Eagle lake reached it’s highest point: 90.47 feet.

Eagle Lake flooding
Eagle Lake flooding (Source: david kenney)

A slow fall of the water is providing little improvement to flood ravaged residents and farmers still waiting to plant their spring crops.

John Elfer, Warren County EMA Director said, “Were still sending sandbags up there for folks to try to prevent damage to their property. That’s just going to continue as we get more rain a little bit more rain Thursday, some seepage under the levee which is normal.”

There’s now news that the Mississippi River could rise a foot and a half in the next 10-14 days, with new rainfall in the forecast.

The Steele Bayou Drainage Structure is still allowing some of the water to seep out of the delta, but for how long?

“My understanding, with the Corp of Engineers, they don’t have any plans to close the structure at this time. They still think they can drain some water, but it’s just a slow fall,” said Elfer.

Wildlife, displaced and confused, is still congregating in big numbers along highway 465. Motorists are advised to play it safe.

Elfer said, “Slow down and pay attention. If you can avoid traveling at night or dusk or dark or early morning, those are the most common times you’re going to see a lot of wildlife.”

Officials say it could be weeks if not months before south Delta residents receive any flood relief.

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