Puckett gas station’s cooler used to take cover during storm

About 15 to 20 people were inside, according to the store manager

Gas Station's Cooler Used to Take Cover

PUCKETT, MS (WLBT) - Easter Sunday is going as planned at Bob’s Gas on Highway 18 in Puckett.

The only damage from Thursday’s storm is the store’s sign. The store manager, Debbie Harvey, is being called an angel. When strong winds rolled through, she rushed customers inside the gas station’s cooler for safety.

“Everybody was standing right here. When they actually saw it coming, they all said run. Run to the cooler. I shoved them all back this way, and I was like shoving. Come on. I had one of them holding the door. Everybody was like. They were packed like sardines. How many people were in here. About 15 to 20 people. They were jammed in there. I mean I had them in there,” said Harvey.

Harvey didn’t think she was to going survive. She started calling her family saying goodbye.

Harvey said, “I called my husband. I said Jerry I love you very much. If anything happens, just remember I love you. I called two of my children, and I told them the same thing. They were like mama you’re going to be fine.”

Harvey and other customers weathered the storm without anyone getting hurt.

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