Local and state officials tour Morton tornado damage

Scott Co. Damage Officials

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) -Phones were ringing off the hook for officials in Morton today. And they’re still processing what appears to be a direct hit from a tornado.

“Crews worked throughout the night to clear debris, clear the structures, make sure we didn’t have any fatalities, any injuries,” said Scott County Emergency Mangement Director Mike Marlow.

The bulk of the damage is around Dummy Line Road. But after teams initially walked through, the Mississippi Emergency Management Director also arrived to get a visual.

“It’s just heartbreaking," said MEMA Director Greg Michel. "You never get used to seeing it. Every time you come up on a new disaster scene, it’s someone else’s home, it’s someone else’s life that’s been disrupted. And really to be honest with you, I’m ready for this April season to get past so we can try to get some dry weather and try to get some relief from these storms.”

Morton’s Mayor spoke with other residents and doesn’t remember a time in recent memory they’ve taken a hit like this.

“It usually goes around us or over us but this time it got us,” noted Morton Mayor Gerald Keeton.

Logistics are being arranged to ensure the right resources are in place as they keep sifting through what’s left of this neighborhood. Part of that was bringing on highway patrol to keep sightseers out and those helping in.

“So blessed when you look around and we see that there are no fatalities," said state Representative Tom Miles. "We know that we can replaced these home and we know that we’re going to get the help from our Congressional district to put their lives back together when they need it. But we can’t replace people when they’re gone.”

With multiple tornadic events over the course of just a few days, resources are being stretched thin statewide.

“It’s not just MEMA," said Michel. "We’ve got Department of Public Safety, MDOT, all my volunteer agencies and really 16 emergency support functions across the board that we can draw on. And believe you me, we’re drawing on all of them now.”

Michel said Thursday night’s storms impacted 14 counties total statewide.

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