Smith County residents picking up the pieces after severe storms

Smith County Storm Damage

SMITH COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - In light of Thursday’s storms, the community of Smith County is pulling together support. The American Red Cross is providing shelter for those affected by the recent severe weather.

“It was the scariest thing I have ever been through.”

Yesterday’s storms cost residents damage to their homes and other belongings. That’s the devastating reality for this community who are now left picking up the pieces.

Clean up efforts started Friday for the Polkville community. It’s estimated 22 homes were damaged during the storms. I spoke with one local, Blaine Brantley, who recalls the terrifying moments when the storm hit.

“I was in the truck with my 9 month pregnant wife. I went to pick her up and we were almost home when two trees fell behind the truck and one in front that boxed us in! We had to go to the neighbors until it was clear,” said Brantley.

When he finally made it home he discovered more.

“We got here and there was a tree on the shed and that truck was right here and that’s the only thing keeping it from coming through the whole house.”

Brantley says he believes a higher power was with them.

“God was definitely with us!”

Red Cross volunteers set up a shelter for the storm victims at the Polkville Volunteer Fire Station.

One of those volunteers is Charles White.

“There is so much damage around here and it makes you feel sad for them.”

White has been volunteering with Red Cross for over 13 years now.

“Really giving whatever you can provide makes you feel good. It is a blessing to help people. that is what we are here for.”

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