Jackson business owners discuss the benefits of storm shelters

They are customized for each buyer’s needs

Jackson business owners discuss the benefits of storm shelters

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Tornado season has touched down in Mississippi, so there’s no better time to think of ways to keep your family safe.

“Being a resident of Lake Caroline, we have used ours every year. Multiple times every year. We get in it, we lock the doors, and we know we’re safe,” said Leslie Tullos.

Leslie Tullos was talking about storm shelters. She and her husband David sell safe rooms at Tornado Shelters of Jackson.

“Our units are specifically designed for each customer. Based on where the location of our door is, the side of the hinging, that type of thing,” she said. “They start at about a 4x6 size. That is what size -- normally a family of 4, possibly 6 like to get in to.”

The solid steel units can be installed outside the home or inside a garage, like that of the Tullos family.

“And your whole home can blow away, and the unit will still be standing,” explained Tullos.

The shelter is bolted down, ventilated, and bulletproof.

“They are formulated, designed to surpass those F-5 tornado wind speeds of 200 miles an hour plus,” she added.

While the design is important, so are the items you should keep inside such as non-perishable food and flashlights.

“Because it could be, once you walk into your shelter, the world you come into will be completely different. And everything you have will be whatever is inside the shelter,” said Tullos.

She said that the units "run around $5,100 starting price and they go up from there.”

“When bad weather hits, you don’t know what’s gonna happen. And so having the ability to go in a place that you know is proven, that is tested, to be able to have safety. Just that piece of mind alone is wonderful,” she said.

For those of you that can’t get a tornado shelter or live in an apartment, the CDC recommends hiding in a closet or hallways away from any open windows as the winds start to gust.

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