Brandon McDonald’s manager gives second chances to the previously incarcerated

Brandon McDonald’s manager gives second chances to previously incarcerated individuals

BRANDON, MS (WLBT) - A man’s Facebook post went viral, with more than 24,000 likes about his remarkable conversation with a Brandon McDonald’s manager and her employees.

It’s a story of second chances, new beginnings and a beautiful friendship.

Frances King has worked at McDonald’s for more than 20 years now, and she shares an unbreakable bond with her employees.

“It brings tears to my eyes just to see that my employees know that somebody is out there that cares and is willing to give them a second chance," said King, the manager at the Brandon location.

King says 80 percent of her employees have spent time behind bars.

“It has been hard to hire people, but once people came in and told me they couldn’t get a job, it has all worked out perfectly," she said.

King says it’s not about their past, but who they are today.

“This is a start. It is so great to see people come back and tell me they have finished college. A couple guys have told me they are firefighters now," said King. "Because of second chances, or even first chances, we are molding them for their future.”

Michelle Hudson is one of the former inmates who King says is one of her hardest workers.

“The first couple of weeks I kind of wanted to quit," Hudson said through laughter. "She is really hard on you, but she is hard on you because she really cares. She knows you can do better.”

Hudson says it’s the coworkers who have turned into family that motivate her to live a better life.

“You can’t give up, because then you won’t get anywhere. It gets easier," she said.

“Everybody needs another chance in life. Nobody can say they have lived a perfect life. Having the opportunity to allow people that second chance, it’s enough for me," added King.

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