Entergy, contractors working in Vicksburg to bring back power

About 5,000 people were still without power as of Monday

Entergy, contractors working in Vicksburg to bring back power

VICKSBURG, MS (WLBT) - Just two days after this weekends storms, Entergy and other groups are working hard to get power back to the people in Vicksburg.

They started early Monday morning just as 5,000 customers woke up without electricity.

Mara Hartmann is the Entergy spokesperson for the state of Mississippi. She said that over 100 crews are working to restore service to customers.

“It’s slow going at this point because these are the customers that -- their part of the grid has sustained the greatest damage,” said Hartmann.

The company expects all those who are able to receive power to have their electricity back by Tuesday evening.

Entergy held an information session for anyone who wanted to know more about the power outage in their neighborhood.

“We opened up the customer information center so that they would have an Entergy representative that they could talk to face-to-face,” said Hartmann.

Other customers, like Jenny Bottemiller, watched the progress for herself.

“It’s quite a production and we’re just real interested in seeing how they did it,” she said

She’s lived on Highland Drive for over 20 years and has happily watched the workers do their job. “Plus we’re bored out of our mind with no electricity, so it’s something to do. It’s like having a block party!"

Entergy said they will hold the information center again on Tuesday at the Outlets at Vicksburg.

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