Damage assessments continue after severe storms hit Madison, Yazoo counties

Damage assessments continue after severe storms hit Madison, Yazoo counties

MADISON/YAZOO COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - Damage assessments from Saturday’s storms are ongoing in Yazoo and Madison counties. Residents are now cleaning up the mess left behind.

At Two Dogs Farm in Flora, the greenhouse met it’s match when storms blew over Saturday.

Madison county storm damage
Madison county storm damage (Source: david kenney)

Winds packing a punch deflated the structure.

Van Killen, the property owner said, “The strongest we ever seen. I’ve never seen the trees sway back and forth like that. We have very large trees around here.”

Killen says his family is staying in a trailer while his home is being built. His trailer is now surrounded by nothing except fallen trees.

As the storm approached, the Killen family took cover.

“We have a tornado shelter because the weather is so bad around here," said Killen. “I was standing next to it watching the cell come over and the trees were swaying so bad I decided to get in the shelter. I heard loud noises and peeked my head out and saw a lot of trees down.”

Dalton Porter and his wife hunkered down in a hallway as high winds blew a giant oak tree over on their garage, destroying it.

Their vehicles were damaged, as well as a portion of their bedroom.

After seeing the storm up close, they consider themselves blessed and lucky.

Dalton Porter said, “Very lucky what I saw the funnel went over 20-30 feet up, if it would have been on the ground the house wouldn’t be here and me and the wife wouldn’t be here.”

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