Warren County residents and business owners pick up the pieces after destructive storm

Warren County residents and business owners pick up the pieces after destructive storm

VICKSBURG, MS (WLBT) -Residents and business owners in Warren County cleaning up after strong storms swept across the county doing some major damage. Over in Vicksburg, more than a dozen streets are closed, homes damaged and debris is scattered throughout several neighborhoods.

Saturday’s storm ripped through Carter Jewelers in Vicksburg. The roof is now gone and the insulation and tile are falling through. Also, there is glass everywhere.

“Stuff can be replaced but you can't replace a life,” said a Carter Jewelers’ Employee.

Two employees were inside Carter Jewelers on Pemberton Square Blvd. when storm hit. They hid under the desk and prayed as the bad weather rolled through the area.

“The wind was blowing to the right, and immediately shifted it right. Our ears started popping and we went under the desk. She dove under one desk and I dove under another. We are glad to be alive,” said employee Dorothy Rushing.

Their neighbors in the strip mall also took a good beating from the storm. Windows were blown out of stores and debris is now everywhere. The ferociously bad weather also battered Frontage Road next to I-20. A tree fell on multiple power lines in front of a local church.

Over in Indiana Avenue, a tree came crashing down in a drive away and blocked a home.

Powerful storms also swept through Marian Lane.

“We heard something go bomb and hit the house. I was praying it was thunder crack that shook everything,” said Vicksburg Resident Leonard Curtis.

Leonard Curtis, his wife and kids were at home when a large tree fell on it, knocking out their power and damaging the roof.

“If it would have come down with anymore force, it would have crashed on down and smooshed us to pieces, I guess.

Now these storm victims are left to pick up the pieces like many other residents and business owners in Vicksburg.

“We have been able to rely on neighbors. They came by and started cutting some of the limbs for us off the roof, and my wife has been able to go to her parents and charge the phones and things like that. I am very, very blessed through this whole thing,” said Curtis.

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