More river boats cruises stopping in Vicksburg after city signs lease agreement

Vicksburg signs a new lease agreement with Viking River Cruises

Viking Cruise Line

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) -In 2018, the city of Vicksburg saw 119 River Boat docking in their city. Even more boats will be making a stop there in the future.

Mayor George Flaggs announced the city will be a stop for a popular cruise line in two years.

The city of Vicksburg has leased a patch of land to Viking River Cruises. The popular cruise line is partnering with the Red Carpet of the South to boost tourism.

Mayor Flaggs tells us tourism is a main drive to the city’s economy. Partnering with Viking River Cruises means improvements coming to the city front.

Vicksburg looking for it to enhance their visitor experience, and boost local revenue. Especially businesses close to the proposed docking area.

“It’s a great enhancement, it’s a great tool to show your city. At the same time it’s the best way to grow the city in the downtown area. And by creating retail development and other means, we have another museum coming on. It’s the right time to come to Vicksburg, it’s the right time to invest in anything that relates to tourism, small business or residency in the city,” said Flaggs.

One business that the mayor says will see more foot traffic is the Levee Street Marketplace. Mary Landers is a second generation store owner and is excited for the potential that the cruise line could bring.

Their business is the closest to the proposed area where people will be getting off the boats.

“It is fantastic. With the new Viking cruise ship and the new river front development. This is going to be the best thing for the city of Vicksburg, and us as merchants," said Landers.

Mayor Flaggs says these boats are specially built for Mississippi and the first is expected to begin cruising the river in 2021 and the second in 2023.

The mayor says he expects the cruise boats to float in about 600 additional visitors to Vicksburg each week and with that comes a lot of extra revenue.

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