Taking Back Our Streets: Woodburn Avenue potholes

Taking back our streets: Operation Jackson

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - We know the city of Jackson has some serious infrastructure issues, particularly the streets. There is progress on repairing some of the major roadways, but what about residential streets?

A viewer, who lives on Woodburn Avenue, reached out to 3 On Your Side for help taking back her street.

Woodburn Avenue is in south Jackson, a little more than five miles from downtown. Marshall Elementary School is nearby.

The viewer invited 3 On Your Side to come take a look at an area she believes is being neglected by the city.

Dawn Smith has lived in the same house on Woodburn Avenue for 50 years, and he says the streets haven’t always been in this condition.

“We always had good streets here. It was paved and you could ride your bike and not have to worry about dodging potholes along the way,” said Smith.

That’s not the way it is today. Now, if you live on Woodburn Street and you gotta get somewhere in a hurry, might as well forget it and the reason why is these massive craters in the street. They can do some serious damage to your vehicle and especially at night time when you don’t see it coming.

“Kent” said, " It’s a major challenge, like right now, I’m trying to work on the front end of my truck, right now, you know.”

Kent didn’t want to give 3 On Your Side his last name, but he, too, lives on Woodburn Avenue.

“Other than trying to make a zig zag pattern on it, I have no other choice but to go through em.”said, Kent.

Dawn Smith said, “The focus and the money seems to have gone in other areas of the city and south Jackson is just not getting the attention it deserves.”

At this point, the focus DOES appear to be on other parts of the city according to city engineer Dr. Charles Williams.

Dr. Charles Williams said, “Well, you know, once again, it’s always going to be a budget issue.”

Williams continued, “Currently, we’re working on our 2018 resurfacing projects and that’s Bailey Avenue, West Highland, Clinton Blvd, some streets by Merit Health, Robinson Road and so those are the kinds of projects we’re working on right now. In addition, the county is also repaving some streets within the city through some inter-local agreement.”

“Now, I can’t say why Woodburn is not chosen, but what it does do is we’ve accomplished the goals as it relates to those streets, so now when we come back and look at maybe resurfacing in 2019 and 2020, that allows us to now focus those resources on those streets that did not get picked this time.” said, Williams.

Dawn Smith said she has no plans on moving and she wants the city to include her street and other parts of south Jackson in future infrastructure plans.

“It does not improve your property value. You know, we pay a lot in taxes and I’d like to see that money used to make south Jackson a better place to live.” said, Dawn Smith.

Let us help you take back our street. If there is a situation you’d like 3 On Your Side to investigate, send an email to hballou@wlbt.com, or contact me on twitter or Facebook.

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