Inaugural Married in Love dinner party kicks off in Jackson

The dinner was hosted by Jackson Police Chief and his wife.

Married in love dinner party

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Jackson Police Chief James Davis and his wife Marla hosted their inaugural Married In Love dinner party at the Civil Rights Museum, Friday night.

“It’s just another way of celebrating Jackson, Mississippi. With having couples come and celebrate this unity of love,” said the chief.

150 guests gathered for live music and dinner. The Davis’ have been married for 7 years and said the event is an opportunity for couples to learn from one another.

''Basically, iron sharpens iron. It allows you to be enriched, it allows you to share ideas, but it also allows you to have a network of support throughout your marriage,' said Marla.

A network that the Jones family is happy to be a part of; they’ve been together for 14 years.

“A lot of the couples have been married longer than we have. A lot of the folks tonight, we know them personally and they have been examples to us as what it means to have a good marriage and to be good parents,” said Donte Jones, a guest a the dinner party.

The Chief and Marla hope to plan more events in the future that will encourage more love and fellowship in Jackson. Some of which the Jones’ said they will gladly join.

“Marriage is a big challenge. And so anything that’s pro-marriage, we’ll definitely be a part of it,” said Donte.

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