Suspect given $200K bond in Claiborne Co. shooting that left four injured

Three of the four people who were injured are Hinds Community College football players.

Suspect given $200K bond in Claiborne Co. shooting that left four injured

CLAIBORNE COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - Claiborne County deputies previously identified a suspect after a drive-by shooting left four people injured, including three Hinds Community College football players.

Twenty-six-year-old Lydell Page turned himself in Wednesday after the shooting on Highway 18 in Hermanville. He has been charged with four counts of aggravated assault.

According to Claiborne County Sheriff Frank Davis, his bond was set at $200,000 during his initial court appearance Friday.

“It is just not right,” said Hermanville resident Tony Snow.

Snow says he was heading to this convenience store in Hermanville Tuesday night when bullets started flying across the street. In fact, you can still see blood stains in the grass where it happened.

“I just heard a car come through and let off some shots. I dropped my food and ran toward the back and everyone kept running,” recalled Snow.

According to investigators, Page's girlfriend got into an argument with a man on Facebook. When she told Page about the argument, the two men allegedly planned to meet up.

“We haven’t got to the total bottom of what happened, but it seems as if these individuals had talked about or had a conversation on social media about fighting," said Sheriff Davis. “I don’t know if the other individuals were there to watch the fight or see if the fight was going to take place.”

Page allegedly drove to the convenience store and opened fire on a crowd of people.

“Instead of shooting the actual individuals he was in the argument with, he shot four more people who were not involved,” said Sheriff Davis.

“A partner of mine had to help one of them up to get him up because he was bleeding too bad,” said Snow.

According to the sheriff, three of the victims are Hinds Community College football players.

He also points out that Page is no stranger to crime. He’s currently on bond for aggravated domestic violence.

“He actually shot at a lady who was the mother of his children. It is important we get him, and it’s important the citizens of this community help us put hands on him,” Davis initially said.

Four Shot in Claiborne County

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