Froghead Grill helps family with funeral expenses in wake of tragedy

20 percent of Friday’s sales will go to former employee Hollie Day’s family

Froghead Grill helps family

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) -A car crash Wednesday claimed the life of 29-year-old Hollie Day.

She is being remembered by co-workers and customers at the restaurant where she worked and now they are helping her family

Friday wasn’t the average dinner rush for the Froghead Grill in Clinton.

Owner of the grill, Joshua Welch, says the restaurant will be donating 20 percent of Friday’s sales towards the funeral expenses for Hollie Day.

“She was happy, happy go lucky, always smiling, always in a joyous mood. Brightened up everybody’s day whenever they came in. She was a very familiar face to many of our patrons who came here on a daily basis. And was just absolute pleasure and joy to work with," said Welch.

Day’s funeral was held Friday. Her former boss says that they did not open the business Wednesday to give themselves time to grieve. Employees and her family are still taking in her death.

“It hits home with everybody here. A lot of my staff are younger, high school students, college students, and at an age where a lot of individuals feel invincible. This brings home to them, the reality of life, the reality of death," said Welch.

Welch says she was one of his favorite people and she will be missed.

“I play on her name everyday when she would walk in. I would ask her to smile at me. And the moment she would, I would look at her, I’m like that’s a happy Hollie Day. And that will be tremendously missed," said Welch.

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