Mississippians hope to cash in on lottery fever

MS Lottery Status

DELTA, LA (WLBT) - Lottery fever is spreading! People across the nation are buying lottery tickets in hopes of winning the $750 million jackpot. The winner will take home the fourth largest jackpot in United States lottery history Wednesday night.

It is currently only $8.7 million shy of being the third largest jackpot in U.S. history.

Mississippi doesn’t have its own lottery yet, so many residents have been traveling to Delta, Louisiana to buy tickets.

Folks hoping to win the lottery stood in long lines in hopes of hitting big.

“If I win I would try to help all the poor people I could,“ said a Yazoo City Resident.

“Give half of it to the church and take care of my family for the rest of their lives,” said Jackson Resident Ruby Michael.

Ruby Michael is from Jackson. She and many other Mississippians cross the state line regularly to buy lottery tickets.

“Oh yes, half of the line here today is from Mississippi,” said Michael.

Last year, Mississippi lawmakers passed legislation to create its own state lottery.

The governor also appointed a board of directors to help with the creation and operation of it.

Vice Chairman Gerard Gibert of the Mississippi Lottery Corporation says so far, a law firm has been hired, they have insurance and now they are planning to hire a president to handle the state’s lottery business. They also plan to select a banking partner because the corporation doesn’t receive funding from the state.

He says lottery scratch offs should roll out by the end of year in Mississippi, and residents could possibly play Mega Millions and Powerball sometime in 2020.

“We are helping Louisiana, we are taking money out of our mouths and bringing it here. That is exactly what we’re doing,” said a Jackson Resident.

Mississippians says they excited and eager for lottery to come to the state. They believe it will be a big winner for the Mississippi and citizens.

“We want to bring our money back home and we want to use our money to build up Mississippi and the city of Jackson, that’s our goal,” said Michael.

“It will help do for the school, business, jobs, people and maybe we can get some big winners in Mississippi,” said a Jackson Resident.

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