Naked man rings doorbell, taunts homeowners in Texas

Naked man rings doorbell, taunts homeowners

HOUSTON (KTRK/CNN) – Garrett Gradney and his wife were getting ready for bed last Thursday when his wife screamed.

“A black male in his mid 20s and he was naked,” Mr. Gradney recalled. “So, me and my wife were devastated at that point. It was just unbelievable, a naked guy in our backyard.”

The couple said the man ran into their backyard, pushed himself against their bedroom window and yelled for Mrs. Gradney to take off her shirt.

The man taunted the couple for several more minutes before he ran around the home, rang the doorbell and disappeared into the night.

“My husband goes to work at night,” neighbor Cynthia Capos explained, “so I’m alone with (the kids). Now I’m, like, freaked out.”

She and her family just moved to the neighborhood. She said she saw seven patrol units driving around the neighborhood with spotlights on.

Mom and new homeowner Dominique Taylor said most of the kids attend the middle school located across the street from Gradney’s home.

“To hear that someone’s out, roaming the neighborhood naked, terrorizing homes, that’s fearful living,” Taylor said. “We shouldn’t have to live like that.”

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