Customer Service Saturdays: Jackson water department helps customers with high bills

High bills and broken meters have customers concerned

Water bill woes

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Since December, the Water and Sewer Business Administration has been working on Saturdays to help the thousands of customers that are having utility bill problems.

“My team and I have committed to coming in and working just about every Saturday to assist any customers that need assistance,” said Linda Lindsey, a customer service manager at the department.

“Majority of the people that are coming in are complaining about the bills are too high, haven’t used this amount of water, my bills have never been this, never been that," said Lindsey.

Because of the Saint Paddy’s Day parade, the office was emptier than usual. Lindsey said that thousands of customers have come in so far.

Mary Leonard, a customer, said, “we all have this water bill crisis, which is the main thing that’s going on. The charges, the outstanding amount.”

Leonard said she had issues paying her water bill before she went in and spoke with Lindsey.

“She worked it out to where I was able to make a payment and get payment arrangements set up where it won’t affect my services being disconnected,” said Leonard.

Customers have come to the administration with all sorts of complaints. While some have said that their bills are too high, others have said that they have yet to give the department any money.

"I have lived in Jackson for about 9 months now and have yet to get an accurate water bill. Month after month it says I have 0 usage, " said Jared Davis, another customer in Jackson.

“They said that a technician will come out and investigate the meter and that they plan to charge me for the last 9 months which they failed to neglect to realize they weren’t charging me for,” said Davis.

Regardless of the issue, Lindsey said, “you gotta come talk to us. We can’t help you. If you haven’t been paying a bill for 2-3 years, we can’t help you if you don’t come in and see us.”

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