Public meeting held for flooding victims in Eagle Lake Community

Public meeting held for flooding victims in Eagle Lake Community
Tonight the U.S Army Corps of engineers is hosting a public meeting for the people of the eagle lake community.

WARREN COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - The U.S Army Corps of Engineers held a public meeting for the people of the Eagle Lake community impacted by flooding.

Because of excessive rainfall Eagle Lake has been flooding for weeks now. The Emergency management, the Warren County Sheriff’s Office, as well as residents of Eagle Lake came out for Friday’s meeting.

Ricky Sykes says the past few weeks have been difficult.

“The community has been working together just trying to put sandbags out. Just trying to stop the water from getting to everyone neighborhood. It looks like it is a losing battle right now though because it is causing bad erosion in different places.”

Sykes says his family hasn't been affected nearly as bad as some.

“Our situation is not as bad as people above us who have literally lost their homes. We are getting close, but that situation is even worse.”

Drew Smith is the Chief of the water management section in Vicksburg.

“We want the public to know what we are looking at what information we have to make decisions. We want to be as transparent as possible about the current conditions. What the future looks like of rising stages of back water until we can get some relief in a few weeks.”

Smith says their goal is to protect the residents of Eagle Lake.

“Our intent is to reach as wide audience as possible so they understand what future and current stages in the Yazoo backwater look like.”

“Just have prayers for us. We are going through a lot just like other people are going through it too.”

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