Community colleges offer alternatives to Antonelli

Hinds and Holmes community colleges are ready to take in new students.

Alternative vocational schools

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Once students finish their current programs, Antonelli College will close their campuses in Mississippi for good.

“When I heard the information this morning about Antonelli College’s closure, you immediately start thinking about the displaced student and what programs we have here at Holmes that relate,” said Bronwyn Martin, the director of marketing and recruitment for Holmes Community College.

She said they offer trades similar to those at Antonelli.

“Through our career, technical education division, specifically in business office technology, we have programs with similar titles such as medical office, billing and coding, accounting technology, and business management technology,” she said.

If students still have doubts, Martin said they can talk to a counselor at Holmes.

“We would recommend that they set up an appointment with our career technical education counselor so that she can sit down and discuss the course work that was needed for the various course work,” she said.

Hinds Community College also offers vocational programs. They have over 70 career technology programs such as welding and robotics.

Meanwhile, the future for teachers at Antonelli College is still unknown. Martin said Holmes Community College may have a solution for them too.

“I don’t know if we would have opportunities for those instructors to teach here full-time, but we always have pools of adjunct instructors and a need for teachers to teach for us on a part-time basis and serve as an adjunct faculty member,” she said.

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