Consider This: Teacher Pay Increase

Consider This: Teacher Pay Increase

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - The state legislature has been going back and forth on plans to raise teacher pay, but nothing has been finalized. It has been proven over-and-over that children who have a good educational foundation are more likely to attend college, to resist joining gangs, to have better job opportunities and to be more engaged in their communities.

Mississippi has a brain drain where more people are leaving than moving in. Now, magnify that in our smaller, rural communities, where there are fewer opportunities. Leaders in those areas can have a glass half-empty attitude and give up, or they can be proactive like the leaders in Holmes County.

“Why would they come here? Let’s give them something to come here for, Mississippi. Now is that time. It’s that time in Holmes County. It’s that time in the state of Mississippi. We must do better,” said Superintendent Dr. James Henderson.

A lot of the challenges facing our state are directly related to our poor educational system. And what we are doing is obviously not working. Money may not fix every problem, but it might be necessary to attract a higher caliber teacher to Holmes County and other communities.

Holmes County voters should support this initiative to raise teacher pay. It’s an investment in the children and an investment in a better future for your community.

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