National Kick Butts Day hopes to curb e-cigarette use among teens

National Kick Butts Day

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - National Kick Butts Day is not what some of you might think! It’s a day that tobacco products advocates hope will help young people kick the habit.

The annual event is in its 24th year. Wednesday, Mississippi kids are kicking against e-cigarette use!

Last year, e-cigarette use among high schoolers rose by 78 percent. This year the focus on National Kick Butt Day is getting rid of Juul, the e-cigarette that has become popular among teens.

Senior Saadiqah Norris is a tobacco free advocate for the Leake County School District.

“I just like the fact that I can go out in my community and talk to people my age about becoming tobacco free. Helping them stay tobacco free and help them not feel tempted of peer pressured by our classmates.”

Norris says she wants to help her generation in any way she can.

“I feel like I have a purpose and my purpose is to help as much as I can. Help my community, my friends, my family; being apart of this is a wonderful thing to be apart of.”

Nattiya Triplett says life in high school is all about what's trending.

“People that have the most popularity in school do it so people think I should do it too. It is just a big bandwagon scheme.”

Lynn McCafferty is the director for the Tobacco Free Coalition of Attala, Leake, and Winston counties.

She says today is all about educating the youth.

“Today we are playing Jeopardy and the students will watch a Powerpoint about tobacco use and if they participate they will win prizes. It is a big fun time to learn while we play!”

McCafferty says their goal is to promote a healthier lifestyle, one student at a time.

"We can educate the parents, and the school system, and the students so they don't start in the first place."

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