The truth behind claims wireless headphones cause cancer

The truth behind claims wireless headphones cause cancer

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Wireless headphones are all the rage right now - no cords, no problems. But a new report on the online publisher Medium is sparking discussions on whether these headphones cause cancer or not.

The report claims dozens of scientists signed a United Nations and World Health Organisation petition to warn users about the risks of using wireless headphones. The experts who signed the petition believe the earbuds are linked to cancer.

Dr. Ruckdeshel is the director of UMMC Cancer Institute, and he has his doubts.

“I think that is just garbage. The author has no credibility to say this," he said. “If you read what he is actually saying ‘could, would, maybe, might. Here is a study that shows this and here is a different opinion about that.' There is no study that tell us there is harm.”

So... what about the possible connections between cellphones and cancer?

“People have thought putting stuff up against your ear all the time will give you brain cancer. There is no epidemic of brain cancer. The science is conclusive that there is conclusion that there is no risk when it comes to cell phones or ear buds."

Dr. Ruckdeshel says if the correlation between cellphones and cancer were true, “we would be seeing an epidemic of whatever it is supposed to be by now."

Regardless, gym-member Lee Russell says he has no plans on putting his down.

“I am gonna continue to use my headphones until there is scientific fact that they are the wrong thing to have."

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