Belhaven surveillance camera request approved

Cameras will soon be installed in Laurel St. Park

Belhaven surveillance camera request approved

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - With six members of the Jackson City Council voting “yes,” the Belhaven Neighborhood Association can now move forward with its plan to install security cameras at Laurel Street Park.

The new cameras will be added to a pair installed last month at the entrance of Peachtree Street and Riverside Drive, and Greymont and Fortification.

Ison Harris, Director of Parks and Recreation for the city of Jackson, explained how they would service the community at large.

“If there is any kind of activity or anything, than the police department can actually review those tapes,” he said.

The Day/Night vision cameras will be able to capture license plates and provide data in the event of a security issue.

“I think that that’s a great idea to increase security. We love this park and we live in Jackson. We love Jackson, so it’s good to know that there are extra measures being considered for safety,” said Catherine Gray.

Gray is a regular visitor to Laurel Street Park and says that as a single mother it’s hard to have eyes everywhere.

“I have a baby and sometimes I need to feed him and I’m distracted. You know, putting one in the car, your attention can be drawn to all kinds of things.”

Right now there is no time frame for when or how many cameras will be installed.

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