Vicksburg police officer honored for saving elderly man from burning home

Vicksburg police officer honored for saving elderly man from burning home

VICKSBURG, MS (WLBT) - The City of Vicksburg honored one of its police officers on Monday for racing into a burning home to save an elderly man.

“The smoke was thick, the flames were shooting out the house and at that moment I knew I had to act quick,” said Officer Russell Dorsey.

Officer Dorsey says he got the call that a home was on fire, and when he drove up, a neighbor told him that someone was inside the home. That’s when he sprang into action.

“I ran up the steps," recalled Dorsey. “I tried to open up screen door and it wouldn’t open, so this hatchet was nearby, and I was able to bust the door open.”

Source: WLBT
Source: WLBT

Due to the smoke and flames, it took Dorsey two attempts before he was able to pull the man to safety. He says three propane tanks were inside the home at the time.

Dorsey said he was able to pull the elderly man out of the home before one of them exploded.

“I lost grip of him, I had to run out the house to catch my breath," he said. “I went in a second time. I saw the gentleman, grabbed his shoulder and I pulled him over this chair here and I drugged him to safety right here.”

Mayor George Flaggs and the Board of Aldermen presented Dorsey with a plaque of appreciation for risking his life to help a community member in need.

“He went beyond the call of duty to rescue and elderly man,“ said Vicksburg police chief Milton Moore.

“I don’t look at myself as a hero. It is part of the job. I am here to protect and serve, and I am happy I was a part of it to be able to rescue this man out of a burning home,” said Dorsey.

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