More Democratic presidential candidates expected to campaign in Mississippi

Updated: Mar. 18, 2019 at 8:04 PM CDT
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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Elizabeth Warren’s town hall may the first 2020 hopeful visit for Mississippi, but Millsaps political science professor Dr. Nathan Shrader doesn’t think it will be the last.

“I don’t think this is strange at all, just because there are so many Democratic candidates," notes Shrader.

And that’s why we could see more visits leading up to the Democratic convention.

“What you’re going to see more and more of with the Democratic field that seems to get larger by the day," explained Shrader. “You may have 20-some candidates running for the Democratic nomination.

"The hunt for delegates is going to take them to every state and it’s going to take them to states that you may not see happening as early,” he continued.

Unlike Republicans, Democrats don’t have a winner take all system for delegates at the national convention. And Shrader thinks that gives them a greater incentive to hit up every state for votes.

”As long as you are a candidate that appears on the ballot in the state and you get at minimum 15 percent of the vote in that state, you are entitled to start acquiring delegates," he said of the Democratic proportional system.

This isn’t Mississippi’s first time hosting presidential hopefuls. Donald Trump, John Kasich, Ted Cruz and Bill Clinton on behalf of Hillary, were all campaigning in the state four years ago.

“You did have the top tier candidates either stopping here or sending high profile surrogates here," added Shrader. "So, I think that may have already been established in this last election cycle that Mississippi’s not a place to be ignored.”

Shrader noted that Mississippi is also one of the only states with a Governor’s race this year. That, too, could play a factor in candidate visits.

“Mississippi provides an opportunity that doesn’t exist in other states," he said. "Those candidates can piggy back. ‘Oh, I have a campaign stop here but I’m also there as a good Democrat to help out a fellow Democrat who is running right now.’”

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