Tchula residents still waiting for flood waters to recede

“I ain’t never seen it like it is here in my life.”

Tchula Flooding

TCHULA, MS (WLBT) - Residents in Tchula are still dealing with flooding that has left homes and properties surrounded by water.

Homes all along Front Street in West Tchula are dealing with a significant amount of water but thanks to the Red Cross there is progress.

“Right now I’d be cooking out but now I have to sit around and wait on everything to dry up,” said one resident who has lived at his home on Front Street for over twenty years.

“We’re lucky that our upfront is up high,” he said pointing to his front yard.

This is the first time he has experienced flooding like this one that started more than two weeks ago.

“I ain’t never seen it like it is here in my life," he added.

(Source: Homeowner)

The road leading back to these homes is now covered with water.

“You got houses right there on the lake, when it floods everything is going to flood out you know,” he continued. This time pointing to the three homes and two cars completely surrounded by water.

Because the homes sit so close to the lake he said, they should have anticipated what could happen. “I think they should have had a levy built.”

“We give out cases of water and we have snacks for the kids as well if we run into kids. We’ve come in for a national response here to the Mississippi Floods,” that’s what Ron Smith said as he stood in front of a large red and white truck with the words American Red Cross Disaster Relief written across it.

Smith and two other volunteers have come to Tchula from all over the country to help where they can. His co-workers Pat and Kent traveled from Nevada and Montana. Smith came from Florida.

“We deployed three of our staff out here to see how we could help people in this community try to recover from this slow rolling flood through Mississippi," he said,

The Red Cross will provide a number of services while they are in town.

“The primary services we provide are sheltering, feeding, so we have this mobile delivery service and distribution of emergency supplies,” Smith explained.

Including clean up kits, bleach, garbage bags. Smith said they can’t make the water go away but they can certainly lend a hand to those in need of one.

“The goal is to help clean up the mess that floods leave behind.”

Two of the volunteers have extended their stay to continued their efforts in Tchula and other areas that have been affected by the flooding.

“The Red Cross provides transportation, of course lodging and a small stipend for our food. Other than that we’re all volunteers that just do this for the altruistic reason to try to help people.” Smith said.

Unfortunately for now, all residents can do is wait it out.

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