Miss. Braves hold national anthem, mascot auditions

Brave's Tryouts

PEARL, MS (WLBT) - The Mississippi Braves held auditions Saturday for potential mascots and national anthem singers at Trustmark Park in Pearl.

Those who auditioned to sing the national anthem at a 2019 season Brave’s game were asked to come prepared with a traditional rendition of the song. Groups and choirs were also welcome to try out.

As for the right mascot, the potential candidate was one who was “energetic, friendly and enthusiastic.” They also needed to have a thirty-second routine ready and provide an improve performance if asked.

“I have to say that the talent has been remarkable,” said Mississippi Braves General Manager Pete Laven.

“Baseball games, you know, sometimes you’re in your seat for two-and-a-half, three hours, and, you have to say, sometimes the most captives audience we have is right there at the national anthem," he continued. "People getting in their seat, getting ready to watch that first pitch and ready to honor America at the same time.”

The first Mississippi Braves home game of 2019 is scheduled for April 10th.

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