Hinds Sheriff’s Department gives toys and lunches in Terry

Officers delivered donated goods to children in Terry

Hinds County sheriff gives gifts

TERRY, MS (WLBT) - Sheriff Victor Mason of Hinds County gave away donated items to children in Terry on Thursday.

“Kids are out of school and we thought we could surprise them with a little lunch and teddy bears. We just like doing this, we’ve always done this," he said.

Mason believes this is one way for the kids to meet the people who work everyday to protect them.

“They need to know who we are. They need to keep in mind that we’re their friends,” said Mason.

Coloring books were also given away that included themes of safety.

“That books, it contains all types of literature about stranger danger, how to dial 9-1-1 in case of an emergency and everything,” said Mason.

However, before the items were given away, the officers took the time to explain the importance of personal safety and the dangers of human trafficking to the children.

Mason said it’s a small gesture that goes a long way.

“Oh they loved it, especially when they got the bears. We had bears for boys and bears for girls. Even had one or two for grown-ups," he said.

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