Warren County residents continue to brace for additional flooding

Warren County residents continue to brace for more flooding

WARREN COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - Emergency officials in Warren County predict record flooding as a mandatory evacuation remains in effect for hundreds of residents in the Eagle Lake Community.

They say the major concern is backwater flooding that could push more water into a community already inundated.

“We have 87 homes that are in some way impacted by these floodwaters," said Emergency Management Director John Elfer. "Both on the backwater side as well as the Mississippi River side. There is probably over one hundred people who had to seek other shelter.”

The Warren County Board of Supervisors voted to order a mandatory evacuation Friday for the Eagle Lake Community.

Director Elfer says residents are concerned due to backwater flooding rising to more than 96 feet. He says that’s the highest it’s been since 1973.

“Due to the river flooding, it is impacting the Steele Bayou Drainage Structure. The structure has remained closed since January or February, so all the rain water you see behind me has nowhere to go."

Those who live and work in the area want to see this flooding come to an end soon.

“I haven’t personally seen it this high, and the snow up north still has to melt and that is what I am worried about,” said a Warren County resident.

“The other issue is we have a lot of displaced animals. The roads are deteriorating, and we have had several cars go into flooded waters. Luckily, no one injured or killed.

Emergency management officials say 30 roads are now closed due to flooding.

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