Spillway Road construction project begins in the spring

Spillway Road construction project begins in the spring

RANKIN COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - Springtime means road construction, and motorists in Rankin County can get ready to see orange barrels during their commute.

County officials say they want to make one of the busiest intersections safer for travelers.

Rankin County officials broke ground Friday on a road construction project for the Old Fannin Road and Northshore Parkway intersection.

Spillway road construction project begins
Spillway road construction project begins (Source: david kenney)

Motorists can also expect a wider road going west on Spillway Road approaching the intersection from Hugh Ward Boulevard.

District 2 Supervisor Danie Cross said, “We’ll put new asphalt down, we’ll add a lane, do some additional light work, and hopefully this will keep some of the pressure off this area.”

“Right now, we don’t have a turn lane that we desperately need, it backs traffic up heading to the west. It’s been a project we needed to have happen at least the last five years,” said District 5 supervisor Jay Bishop.

The project will cost $1.8 million.

The Mississippi Department of Transportation will pay for the bulk of that, with Rankin County matching 20 percent.

“Pretty much all times of the day it gets congested, but obviously the morning hours," said Supervisor Cross. “Late hours in the evening it gets a little congested at the same point, but the main thing is we want to make sure this intersection is very visible and very safe for the people coming up and down it over time. It’s just worn down.”

Hemphill Construction was awarded the contract.

The road work should take about three months to complete.

Motorists will have to endure orange cones during that time, and hopefully have traffic relief by mid-summer.

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