First vegan food truck coming to Capital City

Vegan food truck

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Calling all Vegan foodies! There is a one of a kind spot in the Capital City eager to serve a fast and nutritious meal for locals and it’s all on wheels!

Mississippi just got it’s very first vegan food truck. Veganism began as a diet and now, for some, it’s a lifestyle.

Vegans in the metro area like Mallerie Walk, are eager for a bite!

“I am excited because we don’t have a lot of food trucks around or stores or even restaurants that help promote veganism.”

The idea hit Lataurius Rodgers and her partner when they quickly realized their passion for healthy food could also be a business.

“We sat down one day and we said okay we will come up with a vegan food truck because we don’t have one here, not even in Mississippi. So we said okay let’s jump on this. Let’s be the first one.”

Rodgers says their goal is to bring a fresh spin to the vegetarian community.

“The crowd is really going to love it. Even if you aren’t vegan at least it is an option to try.”

Rodgers says that her four children motivated her to live a healthier lifestyle.

“I am not only doing this for myself but also my family.”

The Sweet Pea food truck is set to open by the end of March.

“I am definitely going to try the new vegan food truck. I am looking forward to that.”

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