Residents bracing for more flooding in Yazoo County

Residents prepare for more flooding in Yazoo County

YAZOO COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - Residents are bracing for more flooding in Yazoo County. The rising water from the bloated Mississippi River is forcing officials to temporarily close roads, and is also threatening property across the county.

Water is now covering Satartia Holly Bluff Road in the Holly Bluff community. It is just one of 17 roads in Yazoo County that’s now closed due to flood water.

“You really don’t know how high the water is going to get," said Emergency Management Director Jack Willingham. “When this even started out, the crest levels were 3 to 4 feet lower then where we are predicting right now.”

Emergency officials say the Mississippi River backing up into the Yazoo River, and surrounding tributaries is the main cause for the flooding.

“It is backing up into this community,” said Willingham.

Willingham says so far, 25 families have been affected in the county, but that number could grow as the water continues to rise.

Resident Chuck Perry has to use a tracker to get to and from his property and business. He is hoping this flooding will end sooner than later.

“I built all this 1989 and I never had this type of water since I built it. It is threatening," he said. “Over at my shop I had to construct a dam, and it is holding, but I don’t know how much more water it can take.”

Emergency officials are warning residents not to drive through flooded roadways and have a plan if things get worse.

“Sandbags are available at two locations, at the Holly Bluff Fire Department and the District Three Volunteer Fire Department in Yazoo City,” said Willingham.

If you live Yazoo County and have flooding questions or need help, you can call the emergency management office at 662-746-1569.

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