Roadway flooding in Warren County

“This water can be very toxic.”

Yazoo County Road Closures

WARREN COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - Parts of Warren County are still dealing with severe flooding. As a result, travel in some places will be limited on Monday.

Any person that has ever lived near a major waterway like the Yazoo River or the Mississippi River knows that flooding is part of the deal. However, it never make any easier, especially when it comes to the roadways.

Water fills Chickasaw Sub-division in Vicksburg.
Water fills Chickasaw Sub-division in Vicksburg.

WLBT spent the afternoon with Warren County Sheriff, Martin Pace as he surveyed flooding in the county. The first stop was Chickasaw Rd. and Pittman Rd.

“The Chickasaw subdivision also leads into some agricultural areas. All this area is under water,” he said.

Chickasaw Rd. is also used to get to the Kings Pointe Ferry, which crosses the Yazoo River to Kings Pointe Island.

Sheriff Pace said the areas of concern are West of Highway 61.

“Just be cautious of signs," he said. Especially the signs that caution you to a ‘water over the road’ or ‘road being blocked.’”

Chickasaw Rd. is just one of 25 city streets currently flooded in Vicksburg. Highway 465 is the only state highway that has been affected.

Pace describes the state of flooded roadways.
Pace describes the state of flooded roadways.

“The danger right now is vehicular traffic. People that are not familiar with area, they just need stay out of this area,” Pace warned.

For the majority of people in the area, Sheriff Pace said, flooding is a part of life.

“The people that have lived here for generations are by and large prepared for this. They understand as well as anybody what different river stages mean. They know when they are hearing the river forecast, what flood state is and what river stage affects their homes and their properties.”he continued.

However, he still cautions people when it comes to quality of the water.

“Even though it’s extremely cold and it’s unlikely that people would want to get into the water. We caution people to stay out. As the flood water rises, it may compromise chemicals, compromise septic systems. This water can be very toxic. This is not something to play in,” he said.

25 Vicksburg City streets are flooded and one state highway.
25 Vicksburg City streets are flooded and one state highway.

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