Military man stationed in Kuwait for over a year surprises mom in McComb

MILITARY REUNION: McComb man surprises mom after being stationed for a year

MCCOMB, MS (WLBT) - A McComb man surprised his mom and came home several months earlier than expected from Kuwait where he had been serving in the military for over a year.

The young man’s step dad recorded the tearful reunion as 21-year-old Jonathan Mccallum walked into his mom’s house and she screamed with joy.

“My wife’s son surprised her by showing up at our house today after being over seas for over a year in the military .Just to let ya’ll know this woman prays every night asking god to keep him safe and worries and talks about him every day .This video makes me tear up every time I watch it.”

The young man’s mother, Jamie Childers, was expecting her son to come home in June.

Instead, Mccallum walked through the doors to her home last Thursday.

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