Stewpot shelter opens for cold weather

Stewpot prepares from cold weather

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - With the sudden drop in temperatures Sunday night, the Stewpot Opportunity Center in Jackson is opening its doors for those in need of a warm place to stay.

“With all these places being open during cold weather there is really no reason to be outside. Go to one of them. There is no reason to be out there.”

David Wright is a frequent client at the Opportunity Center, he says he’s stayed in the shelter on over 50 occasions.

Wright says he keeps coming back because it feels like home.

“It is my second home. Every time they are open, I do my best to get in here, always.”

Wright says he is one of the lucky ones.

Christie Burnett is the director at Stewpot Opportunity Center.

She says they are expecting a long line of people eager for a hot meal and a warm bed.

Burnett says, “Folks come in here in a safe environment. They are fed a hot meal, provided by volunteers.”

Now, there is a new tool that helps share information with the homeless. It’s called Live Data.

“You can go on there and it will tell you which beds are available where in the community.”

Above all else Burnett says she does this for the people in her community that have become like family.

“We are truly a community here. We are a crazy group of people from all different walks of life. That for a given time get along and do life together. It is really such a cool place to be.”

Doors will open at the Stewpot Opportunity Center Sunday afternoon at 3:30.

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