Retired Chief Justice Bill Waller, Jr. discusses gubernatorial bid

Bill Waller for Governor

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) -Former state Supreme Court Justice Bill Waller, Jr. is the latest to add his name to the list of Republican candidates for Governor.

“I think that in November, I’ll be the next Governor,” noted Waller.

A run for Governor was not in Bill Waller, Jr.'s immediate plans when he first announced his retirement from his role as Chief Justice of the Mississippi Supreme Court.

“At that point, I started getting calls, visits, letters that a lot of people were disappointed with the candidates," he said. "In particular with the lack of issues that were being discussed that we’re facing as Mississippians.”

The issues he’ll focus on will start with roads and bridges.

“I think we’re almost in a dangerous situation," added Waller. "I’d say the house is on fire and we’ve got to act now if we’re going to save our infrastructure.”

The other two focuses will be healthcare and workforce development. On the topic of Medicaid expansion, he’s open to some form of it. As for the party politics, he’s not looking to pick a fight.

“I’m going to talk about the issues and I’m not going to criticize anybody in the race," Waller said. "I’m going to talk about the issues.”

But statewide campaigns are known to cost. So, we asked Waller how he’ll fundraise.

“I’m making calls," explained Waller. "People are calling me wanting to give me money and I think as the message comes out, the money’s going to come in. My goal is the message. I want to go courthouse to courthouse, town to town, city to city, store to store. And I’m going to take my message to the people, just as I have in previous campaigns. And I think the message is what’s going to win. The big war chest of another candidate, that’s no concern to me.”

He’s never had this type of campaign. Judicial races are non-partisan. But he thinks the support across party lines is there. And if the name sounds familiar it likely is. His father, Bill Waller was Mississippi Governor from 1972-1976.

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