Residents forced to leave their homes due to flooding in Tchula

Homes flooding due to rising lake.
Homes flooding due to rising lake.
Updated: Mar. 2, 2019 at 4:33 PM CST
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Tchula, MS (WLBT) - Floodwaters in Tchula serve as a barrier for many residents, trapping some in their homes and keeping others from getting inside.

Recent rains caused Lake Tchula to rise drastically.

Residents say it's been years since the water has gotten high enough to even flood homes to this extent.

Mrs. Blanche Elizabeth Watson-Forrest of Tchula says in the last week, the water has risen because of the amount of rain. She also says that more rain could make the water level rise even further.

She currently has the water inching up to her home.

“It started out over there by my son’s car by the tires. It hadn’t gotten this far, and before I know it, I came out and it was up. I know it’s been raining, but you know. It comes up, but not this this far. This is the first time it’s ever come up this far while I’m here. And so, it came up within the week, just that quick. And they say rain coming, but I’m going by the faith of God that he’s going to take care of me," said Watson-Forrest.

They say this flooding came from rainfall over the last week. More rain in that area could make the lake’s water level swell even higher.

Some homeowners say if the water does rise, they have family close to get away in time.

Those who decided not to evacuate are waiting it out, and in some cases wading through those floodwaters.

The Forrest family says the water usually stop by this tree in their backyard. But as you can see that’s not the case today.

Mrs. Forrest say’s it’s just by luck that her home has not been affected so far, much like the other homes. Years ago, a city ordinance told her to move her home up further to the road. If back any further, her home would’ve been in water.

“But we’re blessed, because you look at some of the other houses, so we’re blessed beyond measures," said Watson-Forrest.

Residents say if the water levels get any higher from rain they plan on staying with family or friends in the area, or even checking into a local hotel.

This is a developing story, we will continue to update as more information becomes available.

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