Jim Hill High School students practice Spanish skills at restaurant

Jim Hill students speak Spanish at restaurant

PEARL, MS (WLBT) - Several students of different grade levels went to Fernando’s Mexican restaurant in Pearl on Friday.

The trip was put together by some of the Spanish teachers at Jim Hill High School in Jackson.

Shandra Toaster, one of the Spanish teachers, believes it’s a great way for the kids to practice this language skill.

“They’re speaking in Spanish and the staff has been instructed to speak Spanish to them," she said. “As well as them talking to each other in Spanish.”

Students like Jarell, a graduating senior, couldn’t agree more.

“There’s only so much you can learn inside of a classroom, so for learning and truly comprehending the language, you have to get out and apply it with people who actually speak the language,” he said.

Angie Moore, one of the many servers that helped during the lunch, noticed how much fun the students were having.

“I think they enjoyed their teachers watching them order in Spanish, knowing what they were ordering and knowing what they were asking for,” she said.

The students all varied in skill level, but said they felt comfortable enough ordering and interacting with each other in Spanish.

Even with all the fun, the students recognize the value in what they've learned.

“Everyone should learn another language because it helps with communication. It’s good for traveling and also, in most professions, you can earn more if you speak another language,” said Jarell.

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