Protestors face off over Confederate statue at Ole Miss

Protestors take sides over statue

OXFORD, MS (WLBT) -A lot of hype but no major issues for the Confederate protests on the Ole Miss campus on Saturday.

Two pro-Confederate groups, many of them not from Mississippi, traveled to Oxford because of a confederate monument located in the circle at Ole Miss’ campus.

A few faint sounds of the song “Dixie” as the “Mississippi Stands” protesters crossed onto campus Saturday afternoon. Everyone had to first go through metal detectors before entering the circle.

Once through security, the chants picked up. A sidewalk and barricades separated the protesters and counter protesters.

Billy Sessions is a member of Confederate 901 and the Hiwaymen. He explained why they traveled from out of state to protest.

“We come here to stand for the history in this heritage, the state flag in Mississippi and the values of Ole Miss.”

Others in the group echoed that they want those monuments to stay put.

James Dale Brook said at the rally, “we’re here to let them know, you know, we want to save our history. Those are one-of-a-kind art pieces.”

Meanwhile, the counter protesters argue it’s time for it to come down.

“It doesn’t reflect my heritage and it doesn’t reflect anything that I believe so I want the statue down,” says Jeremiah Smith.

Ole Miss Senior, Destany Bouldin said, “This is our time to get rid of things like this. I think that we are the strongest black people to even consider coming to the school because I have my mom, my grandmother, my father calling me right now and telling me to go home.”

University police say the planning is what helped this all go down with little trouble.

“It went flawless. We had one situation where we had to make an arrest for someone who failed to comply with the directions that we were giving them but that was the only reported incident.”

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