Consider This: Phone Scams

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Many people get calls on their mobile phones from companies making claims that they are owed money and if the person doesn’t pay them right away, they will be subject to all kinds of fines and forfeitures. And if that doesn’t work, they will up the ante and threaten them with being arrested. Of course, the whole thing is a scam and many times it comes from what looks like a local number that is fake or spoofed. No telling where the call originated, or how many other people got the same fake call.

These scammers keep trying to convince someone to give them money. They love to prey on our older population who may not be aware of that these calls are not legit.

There’s a federal law prohibiting the phone number spoofing and call blocking, but no such state law. Now the state lawmakers are moving to enact a state law so local and state agencies can go after these criminals as well.

They should pass the law and in the spirit of what goes around, comes around; we hope the penalties will be as aggravating and annoying as the calls and ultimately shut down these bogus businesses.

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